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Option to turn off auto title of notes



I hate, hate, hate auto title! It is not the way that I write nor do most other people. Everything gets a title, even in newspapers, magazines, web sites, blogs that gives you an idea of what is inside the document. It is not the first umpteen words in the document. I have learned ways to work around it but they slow me down and sometimes I get caught and it blows away the title I created. And it is very slow on a slow machine and I have to wait on it to do something I do not want. Yep, that could be called a bug but no need to fix it. Just give us a flag to turn it off. It already exists, at some point sets it and no longer messes with the title. Please make it a Preference or Option. 

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The android version has this option - there, the auto-title is location and "calendar event, if available". There's a checkbox in Settings to make that stop happening. I just opened the Windows app for the first time in several weeks, got an auto-title (arrgh! Agree with OP), and went to Settings - I was very surprised not to find that option anywhere. Please add this to the Windows (& Mac? & web?) version!

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I also hate this mis-feature. Ok to maybe take the first line of the text as the default title, but leave it at that. I found that if I delete the first line, the title changes! 

Evernote is supposed to be about efficiency, but good grief some bizarre development decisions are made every so often that make me go looking for alternatives.

Please just give me the option to turn off these crazy auto titles and let me set it manually. It may shock you, dear Evernote development team, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to use as a title!



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The auto title feature is honestly the only thing I dislike about Evernote. I am a power user and love the program, just please do not assume I want to title my note the first few words I write. It is very frustrating and I'm sincerely hoping this is currently a priority.

Great product, just need to continue adapting to the voice of your customers. 


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The Windows client (at least the 6.15.1 beta) has the ability to create a new note and put focus directly in the title entry control: Tools / Options / Note : "Set new note focus to title" A Tab keypress from note title control will put you directly into the note body editor. If you want this addressed in other clients, you should probably make a separate request in the Feature Request forum for your specific client.

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I had the same issue.

My solution was to press f2 twice as the title field gains the focus and any default title that was generated by Evernote is selected.

At that point, all is left to do is to type or paste the title of your choice and it will replace the selected value.

I believe they can't do what we ask because for unkown reason a Note has to have a title the moment we create the first character in the content field.

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