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(Archived) Ability to open new note in new pop up window

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Sometimes I am working in Evernote and come up with some ideas. I would like to be able to hit key combination or select from menu bar to open new note in new pop up window so I do not move away from the current notes I am working in.

Ability to add voice notes by clicking on record button in the note on desktop client.

I was experimenting printing from Evernote to PDF. I have a journal in evernote and would like to print the journal with options

option to group entries by date created and to print that date created and time at the top of the grouping

option to include each note title in printout

search by tag on mobile

drawing tools

calander in sidebar

ability not only to import a folder but to sync it with files in folder- I have a folder that I have already added the contents of the folder to EN, but if I add the folder back, it is going to reload all the files in it and duplicate them on evernote.

encryption on the fly or whatever you would call not having to select the text and then encrypt it

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