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Feature Request - Recognise image orientation when formating note



When images taken in landscape on the android app are inserted into the note they are always oriented in portrait mode. Since the orientation it was shot in is part of the meta data of the file it should be simple enough to have the app rotate the image in the note so it's correctly oriented.



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It is possible to Annotate the image and rotate it in the editor.  Not sure how 'easy' it would be to rotate a picture automatically - when I'm using a mobile to take pictures it's sometimes at odd angles itself,  so the orientation of the device wouldn't necessarily be a true indication for the picture.

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What I'm talking about is the orientation that the camera sets in the EXIF data (same place it stores the GPS, Camera model, ect.). For instance if you take a photo in landscape and view it in the gallery on your phone it knows to show it to you in the correct orientation because of that EXIF data.

If you took the picture at 45degs or some other odd angle it would register it as a rotation from portrait to landscape only if it was enough to trip the accelerometer in your phone (same as when you rotate your screen view). It's not going to register the rotation down to the degree, it's just a tipping point measurement.


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