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Possible inconsistencies


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As seen in the attached images, when I clip different websites, they are clipped differently. Maybe this is an issue with just one of the sites. I want to know:

  1. Why does the clipper increase/decrease font size differently? Does it have to do with existing page font size?
  2. Why is there a difference in font style in the clipper preview and in my note when saved? Do I need to change the settings to match them? For instance, the underlining style for the title of the note in the clipper preview (which looks amazing) is not saved into the note
  3. Is there a way to change the font settings for preview so that the text can fit the screen width? You can see that the text is centred in the preview leaving usable space on the sides, I suppose this is intentional but when clipping long articles that need highlighting, it might be easier to increase length of the line so that users do not have to scroll multiple times

The sites clipped in the images are - Link 1, Link 2

(EDIT - Link 2 takes a lot longer for Evernote to clip. Is there a way to get it to work faster?)



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Another website I read blames every unexplained astronomical observation on Aliens.  On a similar basis I'd blame website code for this one..  different sites use their own typefaces and different style methods,  and the poor old clipper has to try and make sense of them all.

I don't know of any settings to direct how clipper presents the content - again this is an individual website translated into ENML and displayed in OS code - the base differences probably still shine through in font shapes and sizes.  The only way to force a standard layout IMO is to apply Simplilfy or Remove Formatting.

As to changing the screen display width,  I haven't a clue - maybe someone more knowledgeable (and EN employed) can contribute a bit more...

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