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problem with importing enex notes!

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Hello everybody i´m from Germany, so my english might not be the best.

I have a hugh problem, which is very important for me to solve. Hopefully anybody here can help me out of this. So the case is this: When exporting my files, as a enex file to a lokal place everything works fine, but when i want to import my enex files, there is always a error message like this: INVALID_UTF8_DATA ( Error in line xy, toke...)

I hope anyody can help me it is really really necessary, because otherwise i am not able to save my local data.


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Well, you could try to troubleshoot it yourself: it's probably a problem with one note, from your desctiption, and it's telling you exactly where the error is in the .ENEX file. Save a copy of the .ENEX file for safety, and then load the .ENEX file into a text editor, and go to the location indicated in the error message. That should put you in the middle of the offending note, and you may be able to figure out what's going on and fix the problem.

Otherwise, you might just identify the note, and find it in Evernote and isolate it in a separate notebook, and see if your ENEX export/import process is good after that.

And you should also consider giving tech support a holler; this sort of thing isn't supposed to happen.

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Well thank you very much for your response. I already connect to a support member, but he told me, i should deinstall evernote and then install it again.

But i am not sure if this might be solve my problem.

If i am not able to solve the problem, is there any possibilitie to save my local notes in an other way??

Because it is in fact a very important thing, i believe for every human being, who is using evernote. How do you for exampl save your local notices ?

Maybe you can give me some advise.


btw thank you very mich for you answer, i really appriaciate it.

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You can export to HTML, but ENEX should give you better fidelity when restoring them, You can also back up your Evernote database (the .EXB file).

I think suspect that the uninstall/reinstall suggestion won't help, but it's worth a try.

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you know what, i have no clue, how to do it (like you suggest me to do with a editor)

I am not a programmer^^ and there are so many codes i dont know :D

i will find a other solution, maybe like you said deinstall/reinstall or leave it with evernote and go to one note

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