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Bring back time string image filenames in the android app



On a recent update the android app has started naming all pictures taken "picture". This results in a situation where by it's not functionally possible to drag and drop single images out of the desktop app onto your computer; as after the first you will get a same filename error and have to manually rename each image after it's been dragged out of the app. I understand that you can export all attachments and it will put a number sequence after each but if I've got 10 images in the note but I only want to grab a couple this is also needlessly time consuming.

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Hello @J..001,

Thank you for posting. I definitely see where you are coming from on this with the recent camera update. I will be moving this over to the feedback section on the form for other users to weigh in on and upvote to see this functionality back in the Evernote for Android.

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