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Tip: how to export a list of tags (Evernote Mac)

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Just sharing this useful tip for exporting a list of tags:


Open Terminal.app and paste in this line

sudo easy_install pip

Hit enter, then paste in this line:
pip install evernote

Note: it may require sudo pip install evernote if you already had pip and had just launched the Terminal.

Hit enter.

Get a developer token here:


Ready to go

You'll need a text editor that can run Python scripts. I used TextMate.

Open the attached script in TextMate or copy paste this into a new file:

from evernote.api.client import EvernoteClient
#setup Evernote Client
client=EvernoteClient(token="[YOUR TOKEN HERE]", sandbox=False)
#get note store object to call listTags, listTagsByNotebook, and listNotebooks on

tags=noteStore.listTags() #get list of all tags
allTags = [tag.name for tag in tags] #put all the names of the tags in a list

#print tags
for tag in allTags:

on line 3 replace [YOUR TOKEN HERE] with your developer token.

Type ⌘R to run the script.



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22 minutes ago, Simbasounds said:

Just sharing this useful tip for exporting a list of tags:

There's always applescript command          tell application "Evernote" set TagList to tags
I'd want to add some code to sort TagList and do some formatting
Perhaps save the result as a note in Evernote

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Thanks! that's really useful to know, TDLow. No need for an entire SDK when AppleScript can do it.

I see in this article that tags can also be created with Applescript, so there's the option of exporting, organising / nesting them, then re-importing via a tailored script.

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