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Don't save changes to pdf in evernote

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I scan in client files to evernote and have to email them out different people sometimes.  I like to scan in hand written notes etc that do not need to get emailed out, but just want to save for my records.  It seems when I open in a pdf (using mac, and opens in "preview"), and delete the pages I don't want to share, and save it as another pdf, evernote somehow also recognizes this and saves my file without the additional pages I want to keep in evernote... When I used to use windows, it would save the original file in evernote.  Can someone help advise on how to save original file to evernote, while allowing me to "save as" elsewhere and edit without affecting evernote?  Hope that's clear.  Thanks for any help!


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Hi this sounds like a Mac issue rather than Evernote.  If you open the file from a note and make changes and then save it back,  the note will contain the edited note,  not the original.  As you say,  if you have some way to "save as",  you should get the new version as a separate file.  I can think of a few workarounds if that's not working -

  • duplicate the note (and attachment) and edit one copy only
  • drag a copy of the attachment to your desktop and edit it from there
  • have a look to see whether the Note History contains the original copy of that document
  • copy the note to another library before making any changes

Are any of those feasible work-arounds?

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