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JPEG and other images disappearing

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There was a previous thread about this (see below). I often see broken thumbnails with a blue square containing a question mark rather than the image that has been placed in a note. Often if I close and restart Evernote the image comes back, but sometimes it's gone and I have to rely on the note history to hopefully recover the image. I can't think of any particular activity that triggers this. I'm not having this problem with other attachments such as PDFs or word docs.

I've also noticed that if I drag/drop an image into a bulleted list after placing an image in the bullet above, a white box place holder appears, but the image can't be seen. I have to close and re-open Evernote to see the new image in the note. I can reproduce this behavior with a few different pictures. 


Is anyone else still experiencing this? Thanks. 


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Just a follow up on this. It appears it was a known issue on the Mac version of Evernote that affected a small number of users. I would reach out to Evernote support and see if they can give you access to file history if you're not a premium user. The issue is reportedly fixed in the most recent version. I haven't seen anymore loss of attachments since the most recent update. 

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