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Automatic Appearing Side-Window Feature

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My suggestion is that I would love to see a feature in the next available version where there was a sort of widget where evernote could have a small "tab" showing on the side of the screen, and when you hover over the tab you would see a note. Maybe it could be so you could even open certain notes and individually "pin them to the desktop." It would be great if you didn't  even have to click on it to set a text cursor... It would automatically activate widget.

I think this would be a huge help for users. I do not have a multi-monitor system set up, and I'm always noticing an interruption in my flow when I need to switch between windows. A lot of the time, using fitted windows on the screen doesn't work for me, as I need the entire  screen for a project.

I really appreciate your attention to my request!

Thanks, and all the best!


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