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Regaining control of eBooks with Evernote


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eBooks (in my opinion) are in a mess at this point in time.

The average eBook reader will have some books in the Kindle Cloud, some in the Google Play Book Store and others on their hard drive (perhaps backed up, perhaps not!)

Then to add to the complexity, some would use laptops/phones/kobos/kindles/other to read their books.


Using Evernote, I've managed to gain control of my eBooks in a centralized, controlled manner.


Go to each cloud service, download the ebooks

Remove DRM from said books (Google for how-to)

Convert said book to several popular formats via free open source app Calibre ebook management program


Put all formats into a single note.

Calibre also include a .jpg file showing the cover of the book. which I always include as this ensure I can see the book easily in snippet view.

All eBooks placed in a notebook called My_Purchased_eBooks

As I read ebooks on my phone /tablet  via MoonReader, I have access to all my ebooks at anytime.

I also have offline copies via the Desktop version of Evernote

I no longer have to worry about backing up my downloaded eBooks. 

Ebooks tend to be small in size, so it really is no burden on EverNote and even free-users don't have to worry about using up their monthly quota for this.







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