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restore from trash with original dates

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Intending to delete a contiguous range of notes, I inadvertently selected 4500 notes because the current record was not what I thought it was. As soon as I pressed delete, I recognized the problem, went to the trash and restored. Even without the major mess I made, it doesn't seem to me that restoring a note from trash should change the "updated" date. Or, at least the option given to keep it the same or update.

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I have asked before that they implement an improvement to have an optional "are you sure?" before a delete command is executed.  It is too easy to delete a record simply by brushing against the delete key and not know you have done it.  

You would not have had your problem if this improvement was made

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I'd imagine (haven't tested) that a note loses its history when sent to Trash as well.  Don't know if restoring the note also restores the history,  but in addition to the above I think it should.  Basically please either re-think the whole process or just add the 'are you sure' step because a minor mistake can be a major problem to fix.  Remember to VOTE folks if you support this - click the counter on the top left of this page.

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This issue is another reason why adding a date code prefix YYMMDD to each title is beneficial.

There are several other reasons to use a title date code.

Until Evernote programs a solution, the title date code can be used as a safe guard. 


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