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Problem checking check boxes

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Since the latest update it has become difficult to check or uncheck check boxes. I often have to tap several times on the box before the box is checked/unchecked. What's more, I now have to save my changes, whereas before the update, checking/unchecking boxes was saved automatically making the whole process really useful.

I use check boxes for shopping, camping list, etc. so I'll tick things of as I go with the phone going back into my pocket between each box or 2 checked. Having to click twice each time is a real pain. 

Could you get back the ease of use for check boxes we had with the previous version?

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This is exactly the problem I've been running into, as well. Prior to this update, a note that included checkboxes (for example, a grocery list) could be viewed, and the checkboxes ticked off and on, with one tap and without having to edit the note. Now, ticking a checkbox is unstable - sometimes it is lag-delayed (10-20 seconds), sometimes it doesn't respond at all, and sometimes it opens the note for editing.

Syncing has no effect on this unstable behavior. I've actually tested it at home, sitting in front of my computer with the Windows desktop version, and comparing behavior with both my Android smartphone, and Android tablet. Syncing has no apparent effect on the behavior. 

And, note that I have the same problem on two different Android instances (one on Android 6, one on Android 5).

A return to functionality would be a great improvement!



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