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I really hate this product

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Just wanted to express my utter frustration with this product.

I have it installed on my mobile phone and my PC.

Not only do the two NOT synch, but I am unable to change the email or username on either. Its like I have two completely separate installations even though I log in using the same user e-mail and password!

There is not even any "migrate" or "export" option that would make it easy to park my notes somewhere while I reinstall the product from scratch on both devices.

The look and feel is terrible too. All that damn green with minimal customisation.

As a result I have decided to delete this from both and try to find something better.

But before I go at least (after having found no other way to contact anyone at this organisation) I managed to find my way over here to VENT my complete and utter regret at having wasted precious minutes of my life on this *****. And hey.. guess what? I work in IT!

Ah that feels so much better.

Goodbye for ever, EVERNOTE.

A frustrated user.

PS. I know the moderator is probably paid to delete this, but hey I vented anyway.

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On September 8, 2016 at 1:05 PM, JOHNHATESTHISPRODUCT said:

PS. I know the moderator is probably paid to delete this, but hey I vented anyway.

Moderators don't usually delete posts
Another approach to ranting is to request assistance and possibly solving your issues.
Over 100 million users are successfully using this product, I'm sure you can as well.
We can sync our notes, we can change our userids, we can export our notes

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