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Evernote Plus notes icons

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13 hours ago, Samps said:

Since upgrading to Plus, I'm getting the following symbol on the right side of some notes: a teal-green box w/ a white circle in the middle, within which is a green line figure.

What is the meaning of this symbol?



1 minute ago, Samps said:

Evernote icon 9-8-16.png

Not sure what that is, but I don't see it being a "Plus" issue

Are you able to log into the web platform (www.evernote.com) and see if the problem exists with the master version of your notes.

If the problem is only on your device, my solutions would be

  1. Reboot your device
  2. Delete the app and database; Reinstall and let the database be rebuilt from the servers (does not include local notebooks or unsynced notes)
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Like DTLow, I don't know -- I've never seen it -- but also don't believe that it's a Plus thing. Maybe it's something to do with syncing. Do the icons disappear after you sync? If you hover your mouse over one, do you get a tooltip? Where specifically does it appear relative to the note? Is it in the note list, the note header? the editing toolbar?

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s2sailor is correct. I'm not sure how audio files got attached to these notes. And I'm not sure why those files do not show up in my notes list viewed from my iPhone or from Evernote web. But from my desktop, audio files were listed at the end of these notes. When deleted, the teal-green icon goes away.

I did not purposely add audio files to these notes, although I see that is an option, along with attaching a file and adding a photo. I must have advertently hit the microphone icon while editing these notes on my iPhone.

So you all were correct, that this was unrelated to upgrading to Evernote Plus.

Thanks for your help w/ this puzzle.

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