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Using Android Evernote 7.9.4 on a Nexus 7, Android 6.0.1

I use an app named Grocery-Tracker to build shopping lists, and have used it for at least two years. Once I create the list, I use their "Share" option to send it to Evernote. It would appear with normal formatting including line returns and paragraph returns. See the first screenshot in the attachment.

Sometime in the past few weeks (after Aug 3), the line and paragraph returns are gone, and the lists are one long paragraph, as shown in the second screenshot on the attachment.

It shows up like this in Android version Evernote before I click on the check mark to send to INBOX. I've checked with the Grocery-Tracker developer who is very responsive and has helped in the past, and he took a copy of my database and confirmed that the formatting is correct when the list leaves Grocery-Tracker. If I use their "Share" option to send the list to email or to OneNote, the formatting is retained. So it would appear that Android Evernote is ignoring the formatting marks? I noticed an option for "Simplify Formatting" with a paragraph icon with a slash through it, but clicking that doesn't change anything.

Am I missing something?


Evernote share formatting.docx

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Hi.  Evernote have changed their editor within the past month or two - they now operate a Chrome-based version which does have some quirks.  It's possible the format of the input now gives it indigestion.  I'd suggest you contact support if you're a paying user,  or use the same link to raise a bug report if not.

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