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Using Evernote Business Notebook (Moleskine) with Android (LG G3)

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I am keen on purchasing one of those Moleskine notebooks that meshes with Evernote, specifically the Evernote Business Notebook. However, I am concerned that the Evernote Page Camera on Android will not work with the Business Notebook pages.

I see on this page that the ability to share specific parts of the notebook page is limited to iOS devices. This would not be a deal breaker for me, although I would want to know if this feature is still not available on Android devices. On the other hand, not being able to use my Android phone to take pictures of my notes in the Evernote Business Notebook and upload them to Evernote so they are searchable, etc., would certainly be a deal breaker.

For the Evernote Business Notebook, what features are available/not available for an Android user?


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Thanks for the response, gazumped; glad to know I can still perform basic functions with the scanning and classification with my Android phone.

One question remains: can you confirm that I will not be able to utilize the private/business sections of the Business Notebook? Obviously, I will be able to write wherever I want, but I want to know if the ability to share specific parts of the notebook page is still limited to only iOS devices.

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