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Working with shared notebooks

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Hello Guys, 

I recently started using evernote for work, I have a personal premium account and I didn't want to download all my personal stuff to my work pc, I don't want to use evernote web because it doesn't has the useful features the PC version do, so I tough I will create a new basic account under work email, create notebooks in my personal account and share it, so I have the benefit of large upload limit from my personal account and not sharing everything in the work account easy right?

I did that and I started to have some issues, I hope you can help me with

  • I cannot tag in the shared account, not even with already used tags coming from the personal account in evernote PC app, but ironically if I clip a note from my email work using the Outlook EV clipper and tag the note while clipping it works !
  • I have few shared notebooks, when I move notes from one to the next the tags [shared from personal] disappear !!
  • If a tag is removed from a note [like what happened when I moved notes from shared notebooks to another shared notebooks], so what do I do, I tag it in the premium account again but for some reason the does not show in the shared note ?!! This is the most annoying one, above issues I can work around by tagging and moving notes in the web apps but I couldn't figure what to do about this ? 

Is there a better way or a work around these limitations ?


Thanks for your comments and help 

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Hi.  The problem is that although you've done everything right so far (good job,  by the way :)),  there's obviously a hiccup somewhere down the line.  Did you give yourself view and editing rights to the shared notebooks?  Are you trying to create new tags in one or the other account?  (As you seem to know already,  only the owner of an account can create new tags.  You might do better assigning tags via the Web after your note has synced back to the premium account.)

If neither of those is an issue I'm really not quite sure what's going on here - you might want to contact support (log in as your premium self) to get them to check your setup.

As a work-around in the meantime,  add your tags to the body of your note with Xtag:<tag1>,<tag2>,<tag3> etc.  When you're in your own account,  use a saved search to find "Xtag" and then copy the full string of comma-separated tags (ie <tag1>,<tag2>,<tag3>) into one tag field.  Evernote will automatically split them into separate tags.

Working with shared notebooks can be challenging - I tend to rely more on 'smart' titles containing date and document information,  plus keywords rather than tags.  It's less hassle!


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Hi there, been a while since you posted this, but just in case...

I also found Tag limitations, and with other's testing, I now use this fix...
My wife, who I share Notebooks and Notes with, can only create new Notes and Tag them with MY Tags, if the Tags are already used in that Notebook.
So I have in each shared Notebook a Note called Master, and that Note, while empty, has every Tag I have tagged on it.
Now because it is part of the Notes I share with my wife, she can use any of my Tags.

However, there is a limit if 100 Tags per Note, and I have more than that.
Fix? Master 1 and a Master 2 Note in each Notebook. Master 1 has Tags from the first 13 letters of the alphabet, Master 2 has the last 13.

Whenever I add a new Tag (and yes, I have to keep this in the back of my mind all the time) I select all the Master 1 or 2 Notes, depending on the first letter of the Tag, then collectively Tag those Notes with the new Tag.

Hard to find those Master Notes all the time? No... because I changed their Creation Date to 01/01/1900 so they always show at the bottom of my list of Notes.
Now every single Tag I have is on one of two Notes in every Notebook I share with my wife, and she can now email anything she wishes to my account, with the appropriate @notebook and #tag names in the Subject line, and it works!

It would be so much easier if Evernote just removed the Tag limits on a Note, but this fix works.
Hope it helps you too.

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2 hours ago, EverBrook said:

It would be so much easier if Evernote just removed the Tag limits on a Note

Hi.  Rather than attach the tag names as actual tags,  wouldn't this work just as well if you simply created an alphabetic list of all your tags in one note? Or is the trick to force a sync through with a 'live' tag...??

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I tried this with the Master note, but still I get the message "Only tags that are added in this notebook can be added to this note".

How do I contact support if I am a basic member? There doesn't seem a way to contact them.

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I have TWO Master Notes in EACH of my shared Notebooks. e.g. inside a folder for Financial, I have a Note called "Master Note Financial 1", and it has the first alphabetical half of all my Tags added to it. Then I have "Master Note Financial 2", and it has the LAST alphabetical half of all my Tags added to it. Sync.

Any time my wife wants to create a Note in my Financial folder, she can add any of my Tags, because they have all been used on those two Master Notes, and thus are available to her to use.

I run about 8 different Notebooks for my system, and so yes, I have a Master Note 1 & 2 in each of those Folders. The only trick is to remember to add a new Tag to those Master Notes when I decide to make a new one.

Trying to be clever and help me, I made all my Master Notes have a Creation Date of 1900, so they always show at the bottom of my Notes list, so I can quickly scroll to the bottom, Control+click all the "1" or "2" notes and then collectively add that new Tag to them. Easy Peasy, once you wrap your brain around it!

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