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Web Clipper Says webpage over 25mb

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I invoked the Web Clipper today save an article from Safari, and was greeted with a message saying the clip is over 25mb and that I should upgrade (screenshot attached)! I find this very surprising for the obvious reasons, not to mention that the page loads lickety-split over our rather slow connection here. I tried saving in simplified article format too just in case, but no luck. Could it be that the Download Offer across the top of the page (which has no means to close it) is possibly adding the weight of the book it's selling to the weight of the page? I hate to be suspicious, but it sounds like I'm being lured into upgrading my account.

The web page in question is http://blog.wishpond.com/post/115675436987/visual-design-strategies

Thanks for any help or advice with this!


EVScreen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.15.53 PM.jpg

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Hi.  Can you select parts of the page to copy?  If you can clip 'selection' will that give you what you need?  It could be the image that's causing the problem - and bad page design.  I've not seen that warning message,  but I'm sure Evernote isn't that short of cash.  And you always have the option not to clip...

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