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Moment by Moment Productivity Journal (Links and Video)


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First of all, to those who provided feedback on my first video... thank you!  

Based on some of the suggestions, I re-recorded the intro video, along with new slides, here: http://youtu.be/hN1qwOBxeM8

Additionally, I have added a second video, describing the daily review process:http://youtu.be/e1OWs3b1atc

I'm hoping to tackle the Weekly Reflection/Planning video this week.

As always, feedback is welcomed.
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1 hour ago, DTLow said:

Thanks for posting the update - I needed the Daily Review to satisfy my concept of Productivity

I'm looking forward to the seeing the Weekly video.

The entire system rests on the weekly reflection/planning. As a matter of fact, the impetus to start this project was my inability to stick to traditional Weekly Reviews (both Covey and Allen). 

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