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New notes will not save

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Hi! New to the forum so I hope this is the correct place to post this - I've been using Evernote for all of my school notes and have loved it up until a few days ago when my new notes stopped saving. It says I've reached my monthly upload limit, but shouldn't the files still be saving locally to my computer? When I create a new note it opens up a new window like normal and I can type everything in, but when I close the window it completely disappears.

I just installed the most recent update and am still having the same issue. I haven't tried unin/reinstalling yet because I have some other notes saved to my computer but not synced due to the upload limit - would those files be lost? 

I've been considering getting a Plus subcription, but I wanted to get some feedback on this issue before shelling out the cash. 


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Hi.  The problem with the upload limit is that it's a warning in the same terms as "Minefield Ahead" or "Unstable Rock Face" - exceeding the limit can cause some data-threatening problems.  If you do upgrade your package,  that should solve the immediate problem;  but whatever you do DO NOT uninstall / reinstall or you risk losing some notes.

As you are a student there's a nice offer until the end of this month here - https://evernote.com/students/ or you could upgrade to Plus if you don't need all the bells and whistles.

You could even manage with your existing Basic package by setting up one or more Local Notebooks.  These are unsynced - the only place your data is stored is on the desktop device you're using - but you can move notes from there into a synced notebook when your allowance resets.  Do also keep regular backups too - your hard drive is the only place these files exist.

Check out a List View of All Notes on your computer.  Look at the header line (with the created/ updated/ title headings) you should be able to scroll right to a 'Sync' heading.  Any note that has a dot in that column has not been synced.  (If you don't see that heading right-click the line and select it from the option window).  Move all those notes to one or more Local Notebooks for the time being.  There are no limits on Local Notebooks.

The notes you've been typing that simply disappeared I'm afraid are probably lost.  If there was no capacity to save them to the server,  they may not have made it to your hard drive either ('minefield',  remember?).  You could try listing your notes in descending created-date order to see if you can spot any obvious gaps...

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