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Evernote for iOS 7.16.1 Released



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Hi all,

We released Evernote for iOS 7.16.1 earlier today.

This release addresses a bug that was causing users to see the "1100" error when opening notes in 7.16 that were created and unsynced in older versions at the time of updating to 7.16.

Evernote v7.16 included a re-write of the note editor, the ability to add attachments with the iOS Document Picker, and annotation improvements.

7.16 Notable fixes and improvements:

  • New note editor with consistent formatting across clients
    • The iOS note editor has been completely rewritten - everything should work the same, but better
      • This initial release of the new editor was focused on feature parity with the old iOS note editor - this lays the groundwork for many improvements coming in future iOS releases
    • Checkboxes look a little more modern
    • Copy and past work better in edit and view modes
    • Swiping the keyboard down when editing a note now closes the keyboard and returns to view mode
  • New iOS Document Picker
    • When editing a note, you can now tap the paper clip icon in the formatting bar to launch the iOS Document Picker
    • You can then select a source location, i.e. iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., based on the iOS apps you have installed with document picker extensions
    • Select from the list of locations, and then select the file you would like to attach – a copy of that file will be added to your note
    • Note: the camera icon in the formatting bar will now launch a prompt to take a photo (or scan) or open your photo library to add images
  • Additional improvements
    • Improved PDF annotation, especially when using the Apple Pencil
    • Reduced minimum rectangle size for annotation
    • Fixed issue where selection tool broke highlighting ink in sketches
    • Improved sync performance
    • Fixed several crashes

You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store.

As always, please let us know what you think.


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I have opened the new version on the iPhone: "updating database" and al notes gone. The update goes on, downloading note titles and snippeds and off-line foders.

On the iPad I have deleted the old version and installed the new one. I've marked the download folders incrementally and all is downloading without any delay (even it's not as fast as I wants)

This version has the update process fixed, thanks!






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After this update I'm getting a message on all my IOS devices: "Cannot sync. The service cannot be connected. Please try again later."

I did do normal booting routines.

- Janne

edit: signing out and in, seems to have helped.

edit: nope. Still the same message persists.

edit: Okay, so reinstalling the app did the trick.

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On 9/5/2016 at 10:47 PM, Evernote Dutchman said:

Generally appreciate the updates. However, in Evernote for iOS 7.16.1 I miss the option "Simplify Formatting" in the note menu. Thank you so much for restoring this option.

20160905 EN Simplify-Formatting.png

Great work Evernote team! Simplifying Formatting is back in iOS version 7.17.

Thank you for staying open to your users

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