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Why does my Evernote web clipper ask me to sign in including doing my 2 step verification password every few days on my Mac?


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It's frustrating, every several days I am asked to sign in again, type my username, type my password, and use the google verificator 2 step verification, how do we stop this from keep happening or it is something we have to live with? 


Thanks in advance guys

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20 hours ago, JT Starr said:

I have this same question.  I don't use Google Authenticator and when I select "help getting a code" and then have a code sent in text message, the window to enter the code is gone.

I'd suggest you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter
I believe this is a consequence of using 2step verification which is designed to expire after a short period for security.  Don't know of any way to vary that currently,  but if enough people report it as an issue then maybe...
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