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Scroll bars in view panel disappeared



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Scroll bar is invisible but when I click where the scrollbar is supposed to be, the items in the view window move. Also, when I drag the cursor in the area, the items scroll. I can also click and hold where the buttons at the top and bottom of the scroll bar is supposed to be and scrolling will take place. So essentially, the scrolling works -- alkthough not too smoothly -- there's just no scroll bar and buttons showing.

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Weird.  Evernote Windows occasionally does have teeny scroll bars,  but they do exist - maybe your screen resolution is an edge case for them or something...  If you can live with the 'absent but working' scenario,  fine.  To take it further I'd suggest a post in the Windows release thread raising this as a bug...


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Looks like this problem is essentially still there (v.6.4.2).  The vertical scroll bar is blacked out, so altough you can scroll you can't tell where the scroll cursr is.  Sometimes the scoll bar has been not plain black but black with numerous narrow yellow horizontal bars - but I can't reproduce this.


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21 minutes ago, MLeitch1 said:

I'm having the exact same issue.  Checked for updates but I have the latest version.  Windows 10.

I'm not having the problem any more with v. running windows 10 64-bit


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