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Evernote with Salesforce

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Looking at using my Evernote with Salesforce. I see Salesforce has an integration application. My question is if I rely on Evernote for all of my notes to drop in to Salesforce, what happens if I ever cancel my Evernote account? Will I lose all of those notes in Salesforce?


Thanks in advance!

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If ever you cancel your Evernote account your notes will still exist on the server unless you deliberately delete them all.  If you have copied or moved the content to Salesforce I would think the content will be duplicated on their server - unless again you deliberately cancel that account or delete the content.  I'm not a user,  so I'd recommend you contact Salesforce support for their comments too.

There's a fair amount of information in the Evernote Help pages about Salesforce generally... Getting Started with Evernote for Salesforce - don't know if any of it helps..

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