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Embed Video / Stream through In-App Browser



I am aware that embedding videos request has been requested multiple times through a number of years. However, this idea has never been voted upon as a feature (please hit the up vote button on the top left corner if you would like this idea to be featured in Evernote) as such and hence I am posting this idea which isn't exactly new to determine its popularity in the forums. I know that this may not affect Evernote's feature implementation decision but its always nice to know what you guys think.

What are the possible use cases (basing it on this)?

  1. Students - lecture videos, Youtube links for learning, etc
  2. Project planning - related videos or things like the mission for mars video for inspiration ;)
  3. Research
  4. Personal organization
  5. Small business

In my opinion, it fits in ALL the categories perfectly well.

Now, this idea has been discussed in numerous threads, check them out for possible reasons why this has not been implemented yet and whether we can realistically expect the Team to take up our request. Maybe now that they have Drive integration, at least we could convince them to allow us to embed video files from Drive into Evernote which could play within the app? I'm no application developer to comment on its feasibility.

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Both Microsoft OneNote and the new gorgeous Dropbox Paper allow seamless video embedding. I have been a loyal Evernote user for many years but the simple truth is that their product is starting to get overtaken, and this is one such example. With all the dev capacity of Evernote, not actioning this oft-requested feature is starting to look like super-bad customer service!

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This is still something I think would be a very good feature for EN. Embedding of videos is pretty standard now and EN is falling behind here. In this age of rich content, this gap will only become more glaring the longer it remains a gap. 

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