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Excel attachments which I could previously edit and then save on my Android phone are now read-only.  What has happened here?  How may I get read/write access to these attachments?  Both OfficeSuite Pro and Microsoft Excel for Android tell me the attachments are read-only and can't be saved.  Thanks for any light you can shed on this!

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Dear Gazumped, these attachments are straightforwardly editable with the Windows app.  The web interface downloads the attachment when I click on it.  I can then edit the attachment and drag it back to the note.  Previously, when I opened an attachment with the Android app, it would ask me whether I wanted to view or edit.  This no longer happens.  Also, when I finished editing the attachment, the app would ask me whether I wanted to replace or append the file.  This also no longer happens.  As you say, I could save the attachment, edit it and re-attach it but that would be a little cumbersome.  Thanks for your reply.

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I have exactly this problem. I can update an Excel attachment on my PC, but when I try to do the same thing on my Android phone,  a message is displayed that says the file is "Read only". An alternative that works is to copy the modified file to a new file, but then I have to import the new file back into Evernote. This is too messy and time-consuming. I've checked permissions on my phone for Excel and Evernote and left all permissions activated.

I've also noticed that when I use Excel directly, i.e. not as an EN attachment, it works fine. Files can be modified and rewritten without any problems.

This is not a recent issue, as I've been encountering it for at least 2 years, and on 2 different phones (Samsung S4 and Samsung S7 Edge). All this time I've had to update Excel attachments via my PC, but it's turning into a serious limitation when I can only access my phone.

Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe there's something I've overlooked somewhere?

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