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Copying text from view mode



Please add the ability to select and copy text when in view mode. For an app that's all about storing information for later review, it makes no sense that you can't select and copy text from view mode.

You can copy from edit mode, of course, but drag selection is pretty buggy and the keyboard takes up half the screen on iOS, so it's harder to select large blocks of text in edit mode. Plus, going into edit mode increases the chances that you'll accidentally mess up the content of the note itself (cutting instead of copying, or moving things around while fighting the sub-par bulk selection).

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I have the same problem here.

Every time i try to select some text from my note, i either end up with not the exact area of text i want or after selection the copy&paste menu don't appear at all.

It is really frustrating and makes using Evernote in IOS a pain in the ass.

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1 hour ago, michael.freidgeim said:

Do Evernote Employees read the forum? Any plans to address it?

I've noticed it relatively recently, is it a bug in the last versions of Evernote on iPad?

Supposedly, Evernote monitors these forums.
However, this is a user discussion forum; for direct support, I use the support site (link below in my signature)

You will notices this topic has 0 votes (voting buttons in the upper left corner)
You can indicate your support by voting

Also, you must consider if this is under Evernote control, or is this a device limitation.
I have better text selection on my iPad using my Apple Pencil, but it's still not great.
I have much better control using the mouse on my Mac

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On 22 October 2016 at 11:41 PM, DTLow said:

You will notices this topic has 0 votes (voting buttons in the upper left corner)

Thanks for pointing me to Voting buttons. They are not highlighted properly, I haven't noticed them before and only used likes for individual comments.

i don't think that luck of selection pop up is a device limitation, the pop up correctly appears in other modes in Evernote and in other apps, including safari.

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