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(Archived) Feature Request: Sub-Notebooks / Sub-Folders...

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First off, let me say that I absolutely love your product, it's simply amazing. I do have a feature request however that I would like for you to consider. I would like to see Sub-Notebooks be added, these could be notebooks inside of notebooks. For instance, I have a notebook right now for the following:

1. My Business Notes

2. My Personal Notes

3. My Church Notes

Let's say I want to store notes for a client right now, and I have well over 400 clients, the Business Notes are going to be pretty congested, making it almost impossible to locate something quickly w/out the use of tags, which I do, but I think that sub-notebooks would address this a lot better. Here's sort of what it would look like...

1. My Business Notes

a. My Proposals / Leads

1 - My Leads

2 - My Proposals

b. My Clients

1 - Client One Notes

2 - Client Two Notes

3 - Client Three Notes

c. My Tax Information

d. My Spreadsheets & Reports

2. My Personal Notes

a. My Healthcare Providers

b. My Grocery List

c. My Insurance Policies

3. My Church Notes

a. Sunday School Notes

b. Sermon Notes

I think you can see what I am asking for by the outlines above. I just think w/ these sub-notebooks / sub-folders Evernote could be even more effective in terms of organization, etc. Is there any talk right now about adding this functionality? If so, do you have a timeframe or guestimation?

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Is there any talk right now about adding this functionality?

The search function is your friend. Please use it to search on 'sub notebooks' or 'sub folders' or 'tags folders'. This has been discussed in many, many threads.

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I suggest you take the time to read the threads thoroughly. There are no immediate plans (if ever) to implement sub notebooks. The answer is to use tags. There is nothing you can't do in your OP that you can't do with tags. There are several places where this is discussed in detail.

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Thanks for your time in responding but I respectfully disagree that while tags are great, they do not provide the same level of organization that sub notebooks could bring to the table. That's somewhat obvious by the 9 pages of search results in the forum submitted by others requesting the exact same thing. Hopefully Evernote will take note...

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If you read the forum for any length of time, you'll see a fair number of posts by someone named Dave Engberg. He's the Evernote CTO, and he is very active here -- reads everything, and posts a lot. What you'll also observe is that Evernote rarely promises features with due dates (or even time frames). You get hints that such-and-such a problem is a high priority, or that some new feature will be coming in a the next release. But dates almost never.

Most of the things that have been said about subfolders have been said in the discussion you noted, and I don't believe that we'll be seeing them in Evernote. Sub-notebooks (or 'nested' notebooks) seem probable, based on the recent blog Q&A with the CEO: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/04/05/ask-phil/. Timeframe again unknown.


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