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Web clipper not working on specific website?

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I have been using Web Clipper for ages and never had any problems. Yesterday I tried to clip http://www.artgallery.sa.gov.au/agsa/home/About/

but it just will not work. I thought it was the extension but I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, restarting the imac each time and it still did not work. I thought I would test a website that I have clipped from before and it worked fine. But will still not work with the Art Gallery of SA site. Any suggestions?

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I'm having trouble today, as well, and the Web Clipper is not working with anything that I try to clip/bookmark into Evernote.  If I "share" a link (the top right corner of the Safari Browser) to Evernote, that seems to be OK.  However, sharing a link isn't what I really want to do.  That just demonstrates to me that Evernote works, but Web Clipper does not.

I installed updates last night on my Mac, and now the Web Clipper does not work at all in Safari.  I've tried the usual - restarting (again), re-installing Web Clipper, etc.  I think it has to do with Safari itself and the updates.  I'll try Firefox.  Please let me know if you find a solution.

UPDATE:  My computer showed that I still had a Safari security update (which I thought downloaded overnight, but apparently it did not).  Once that went through, and my computer restarted again, the Web Clipper worked.

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