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I hope Evernote Web could support clipboard copy and pate image.



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Evernote ( @scruggles ), we've been pleading for this 'feature' since 2013. This is a giant product gap and is causing many users to switch from Evernote to other products. I'll be leaving for something else as well, since everything I do requires images from the web. Without this 'feature', your workflow is too cumbersome.

For those of us trying to be loyal and continue on with you until this feature is released, is there anything more you can give besides "we're looking into it"? We've been hearing that since 2013... That's a lot of looking.

Thanks in advance.

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I used to be able to copy and paste images into my Evernotes and it is very frustrating that this feature has been discontinued. I have tried other workarounds but nothing seems to work. I will have to find another modality of storing my image clips if this is not fixed soon. Thank you in advance.

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They are very good at looking into things.

They look into telescopes, holes in the ground, crystal balls, other people's eyes. Lots of things.

But they have problems looking into other things. As you know, AzKai. :)

And it's interesting too the way the Evernote blog is continually serving up stories of people who have been able to get incredible amounts of work done very efficiently by using Evernote. Well, they probably weren't using the "new" Web version, and if they were, they weren't including many images.

Have you tried uploading a previously downloaded image? That is really cool. Imagine you are trying to paste it into your page 5. You click there, upload and....where is the image?  Not where you clicked but at the very end of the document. So now you have to cut and paste it from there. Beggars belief, doesn't it?

Nobody in their right mind would use the "new" Evernote web version to compile a long document requiring a lot of images. They would go mad in the process.  Just look at me! ...



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