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Moving to "Date Created"

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Hey guys:

I have one teensy, weensy little recommendation to make.  We now have the ability to gather notes together, to combine notes, add tags to a number of notes, move notes  to different notebooks.  It would be lovely and most useful for me if we could move a clump of notes to a different "create date" all at once and easily.  Please.

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I voted,  but I think this may be a 'nice to have' rather than a killer feature - can I ask how you would use it?

Hi Guru, I work almost exclusively with emails, a fair number of which I transfer to Evernote where I clean off the unnecessary, pick out certain articles and forward these to clients.  Some days I'm pulled away to other things and am unable to make my daily download.  That means a lot piles up.  In order to keep everything in its correct dated position I have to move each email one at a time. I just thought it would be lovely if I could accomplish this task in batches.  

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Thanks for the additional information - I can see how a batch update would help,  but I don't know if or when Evernote will do anything about it. 

The way I handle 'event' dates that disagree with clipping/ scanning dates is to add the date to the start of my note title as yyyymmdd so that sorting the notes puts them in the correct date order. 

PhraseExpress on my (Windows) system creates a date and or time stamp in any chosen format with a Ctrl+<key>.  I do have one notebook that plans upcoming events by changing the created date to a future date.

Not saying that's a better system,  just the one I use.

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