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ESC from the Note Title Field

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Up until several versions back the ESC key allowed you to exit editing the note title which was very handy since I routinely go through new notes to change or update the titles and nothing else. So you would go to the title edit or change what need edited or changed and ESC saved your changes and you were on to whatever you wanted to do next. In the latest version ESC does nothgin and in order to exit the title you either hit enter which takes you to the body of the note where you can then press ESC to exit the note. The only other option that I can find to exit a note title is to click the note in the preview pane with the mouse. Essentially I want the ability to exit the note title back. I can't think of any reason why it was removed to begin with. Please allow the ESC key to again work in the note title field. Thanks!! - Phil

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12 minutes ago, Phil A said:

For the Windows Client. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I'll also put this in the Windows specific forum. Thanks!!

No worries; I can just move it there.

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