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Possible bug - Clipping PDFs viewed online

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I am using Chrome in Mac. Evernote for Mac - V 6.8 - Direct download. All current updated versions. Premium user.

For some odd reason, I am compelled to open PDF files through chrome apps like LuminPDF, etc since the earlier default chrome viewer does not seem to be doing its function. So the issues I am facing is based on use of LuminPDF chrome app.

When viewing PDFs online using the app and clipping using screenshot (I need to do this as there are very specific parts of PDFs that I need to read and clip on a daily basis - other workarounds are too cumbersome and I don't need the entire PDF in my Evernote), there is no problem at all.

However, when:

  1. Selecting text from the PDF and copy-pasting into Evernote shows that there are some clear problems. Evernote does not make the text visible though it is pasted and is searchable in the note. Please see the attachments to understand what I am trying to say. You can even see on the note sidebar that Evernote has recognised the text. If I change the font colour, the text appears but formatting as can be seen in the attached images will not be proper with spaces being introduced all over the place.
  2. Selecting text and using the 'Selection' tool of Evernote has the same result. I believe copy-pasting and 'Selection' tool have similar functionality and hence the issue.

Please tell me that I have made a mistake somewhere and that this can be fixed easily. Until this is sorted out, I will continue using Evernote's screenshot option.

EDIT: On pasting using the Command+Shift+v instead of Command+v, the copy-paste works with proper pasting, the text is viewable. So maybe this is an issue of Evernote formatting only.





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Found out a temporary formatting workaround for pasting
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29 minutes ago, rubenb said:

Does the "Format > Simplify Formatting" menu item in the Mac client solve the issue?


Yes! It resolves the issue! However, there is a difference when I copy-paste and when I clip by selection. Please see the images. The selection formatting is done perfectly. (It appears like a column because I clipped the text from a newspaper article in PDF format).



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