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Better Sort Choices



I frequently alternate between 'sort by Title' and 'sort by Created with Reverse Sort Order'. That requires 4 clicks to switch between my 2 different most used sort settings.

e.g. Click on dropdown menu, click on Title or Created, then click on the dropdown menu a second time to click on Reverse Sort Order.

My suggestion is to allow setting the 'Reverse Sort Order' as on or off for each of the 2 main 'sort by' choices that appear in the top level of the 'View/Sort' drop down menu.

e.g. So when I click on the drop down menu and click on Title the 'Reverse Sort Order' would automatically be unticked. And when I click on the drop down menu and click on Created the 'Reverse Sort Order' would automatically be ticked. 



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On Windows? The current Windows beta has the new concept of view settings that apply to notebooks, tags, or saved searches. Seems like that dovetails into your request, if we could save view settings separately of the search part. I wrote it up here:


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