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Question about Premium Feature

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If I upgrade to premium would I be able to search the CONTENT of handwritten notes that are synced from S-Note?  I like S-Note because the actual handwriting capability is excellent (better than basic handwriting in Evernote for sure) but it is no more searchable than a physical notebook (even if I tag things, I can't search on those tags later which is ridiculous) and probably less so because I can flip through a physical notebook and find things faster.  It syncs to Evernote but on basic account the search will only search titles of notes but never on the contents of the notes not even tags in the notes.  So if I want to go to where I wrote notes on some specific topic within a notebook, I can't do that.  I don't want to buy plus or premium anything without knowing for sure whether doing so would allow me to search through contents of handwritten notes from S-Note for specific things, because really that's the only feature I really care about right now.

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I'm not familiar with S-Note, but are the handwritten notes that you send to Evernote in an image format?

If they are, then yes, a Premium account should OCR those handwritten notes and make them searchable.

I'd be happy to test this for you on my account if you can send me a sample from S-Note?

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