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Need sounds for chat - my friends won't use it

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My team doesn't like to use Evernote because on their computer it doesn't make a noise when a chat comes in. They have too old of a phone to put it on. PLEASE PLEASE Is there a setting so it makes a noise on computer when a chat is coming through? They want to use TRILLIAN instead because of this.
Please respond.
Also, I have Evernote on my iPad pro with the keyboard When I chat through there, I can't sent a message without lifting my hand off the keyboard and hitting send. What is the command to just hit send without touching the screen?
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If you use chat a lot,  I would have thought that constant 'bings' from incoming message would get annoying!  I don't know of any obvious way to get an audible alert when messages come in - maybe IFTTT or another 'automation' app could help you.  We're a user forum,  and Evernote don't (usually) comment on features they haven't released yet,  so I'm afraid you may have to go with the majority...

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