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Evernote and TexPand Compatability Issue

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On my Moto 2nd Gen, I've been using Evernote for a couple of years and really depend on it. I also use TexPand for text expansion in my notes. Recently, my TexPand abbreviations only work in the Title of my Evernote notes and are not recognized in the note body text. TexPand still works with other apps. Has anybody else had a similar experience to me?

Android version = 5.1, Evernote = 7.9.4 (Public), Texpand = 1.5.6

Worked fine in prior Evernote releases.


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Hi.  Note4 / Android 6.0.1 / EN 7.9.5 / Texpand 1.5.6 - same issue.  Haven't played with the TP settings yet to see whether there's anything significant there.  I did send them a feedback report but the FAQ's say "Texpand does not work with office apps,  terminal apps,  websites and apps developed using HTML5 frameworks".  It's odd that it works in titles but not the note body though.  Did you find previously that Texpand worked in both areas for you?

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Hi guys, is there no way to solve this issue yet? or is there any similar TextPand app that could do the job? I tryed SwiftKey but is is not possible to add timestamp. Any suggestion is appreciated.


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