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Hi, and welcome to the forums!

If you've designated any notebooks as being available offline (to work with on your phone while not connected to the Internet), they'll be removed from the phone only. They will still be on Evernote's servers, and will be accessible through the Evernote Website and through other Evernote software. The next time you sign in to Evernote on your phone, the notes will be synced there too; they just won't be available while you're offline. At least that's how I understand it.

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I couldn't tell if the question was about signing out of the phone (shutting it down) or signing out from Evernote. If the former, then I don't think that you lose your cached notes. If the latter, then what Dave said...

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43 minutes ago, darts44 said:

So for security reason, it is best to sign out of Evernote, when you finish to use it. No one can see you Evernote if you phone is stolen. Right/wrong?

I have a password on my phone.  If it's lost/stolen no one can use it

Signing out of EN every time adds a level of security, but is inconvenient. I rarely sign out.  Another level of security is the PIN feature.

Warning: An internet connection is required to sign in to Evernote.

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