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Clearly visible notification for reminders (Desktop)



Hello there

Reminders on the desktop clients (at least I know about windows) are lacking some sort of notification, that is clearly visible when it matters.
I mean, what is the point of setting up a time critcal reminder (since you have the option to do so) and not have it notify you in any useful way, when you are working at your desktop.

Therefore I am suggesting some kind of notification that will stay visible until you deal with it.
I would see several ways how this might be implemented (of course you should be able to turn it on or off).

  • A Popup you have to click to remove it
  • or a new menu option on the left where all reminders are visible and when one of the times is reached, the option turns red or something.
  • or some other clearly visible way.

Thanks and kind regards,

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I totally agree with your concern, Evernote is a really useful application but it lacks  visible notifications for the reminders. Currently the only notification you can get is a little pop-up at the bottom  right hand corner of the screen that disappears in a few seconds. Sometimes it’s really difficult to see  these notifications and you can miss loads of them. I’d rather get either a big notification in the middle of the screen or a sort of pop-up that stays at the corner until I click on it and I read it. That would be a great implementation. I think that  the notifications, as they are now, should still stay there for the less important stuff. A good feature to add would be the possibility to choose the type of notification you want for each note. 

Have a good day

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