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Outlook 2016 plugin, very slow lately

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OK - AFAIK Outlook 2016 / Win 10 and Evernote should work together.  I'd suggest you contact support for some backup and try restarting your system.  It may be worth trying the uninstall / reinstall again with added Revo uninstaller.  Revo will remove everything to do with Evernote including the files that Windows uninstall doesn't normally touch.  This,  I think,  may help.

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OK, being working on this since a couple of weeks with tech support

As a reminder: I use Outlook 365 2016, with a couple of GMail accounts and a couple of Microsoft Exchange mail accounts.

The 1st Evernote clipper plugin is working... sometimes. Very slowly. I have downgraded my Evernote desktop version to see if it can help the problem. It did. But not to any pro level. Still very slow and unreliable.

The 2nd Evernote clipper plugin is working OK. But NOT with the GMail accounts, just the MS Excange accounts. And I got this alarming message you can see in my screen capture.

Because of all that, my workflow is getting slower and slower. I still have hopes problems can be solved. We'll see!


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Very happy to report that finally, upgrading to 6.4.2 has solved thew problems with the Outook 2016 clipper. Works now, and works fast.

A small bug remain: it used to be that tag were suggested as-you-type. For an unknown reason, just a small samples of relevant tags are suggested now.

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