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Camera in S6 Edge+ over exposing document scanning

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Hi everyone,


long time evernote user first time in forum, I am having a weird problem. I had a galaxy note 4 and one of the apps I used the most used to be evernote, specifically the document scanning, with the note 4 , everything worked fantastically, I have now switched to a galaxy S6 edge+ and the documents are completly out of focus and over exposed, never happened this with the note 4, anyone has a tip on how to fix this, I attached a document that shows the problem.


Thanks in advance.






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Hello @yugoport,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. In order for us to better assist you, please answer the following:

  1. What is the version number of the Evernote application you are using?
  2. Is the flash enabled during the capture?
  3. Are you using the auto-capture option or are you manually capturing the scan?


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Hi Matt, thanks for support,

1- Version number 7.9.4

2- that capture was without flash, with flash gets a little better but not that much

3- always auto-capture


The strange thing is that, I tested my wife's galaxy s6 and it performed well, same as my old galaxy note 4, my wife's galaxy s6 is basically the same camera as my galaxy s6 edge plus, the phones are pratically the same hardware wise (only difference is bigger screen and ectra 1gig ram in the plus).


Bothy phones are runing android 6.01 with evernote 7.9.4, my phone performs well with other document scanning applications.


Thank you vcery much,



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Hi Matt,

thanks again for the support, I waited for an update of the app before proceeding, unfortunately not even with the latest update (14/09) it improved.

I don't seem to find any link in your signature, could you please point me to it?

Thank you

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