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duet and Evernote App

Brodee Wright


Hello, Evernote Community! 

I have just invested in "duet", which is a fantastic app that allows the user to split their Laptop screen with their IPad to allow for a dual screen effect. 

It is brilliant, except...When I  try to view a slide through Evernote and write notes simultaneously; the app tends to freeze and exit the slides. 

This would be an invaluable tool if Evernote worked out this slight bug! Makes essay writing and overall writing 100% easier. 

Also, I think this app would compliment Evernote perfectly! We all know two screens are better than one. (This is not a plug, but I encourage everyone to check it out). http://www.duetdisplay.com/

If anyone else has any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me here. 


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Hi.  A 'bug' is when software that's supposed to work,  doesn't.  Usually in the most annoying way possible.  In this case I don't think Evernote anticipated Duet when writing their MacOS / iOS software,  so if something in the connection between the two causes an issue,  that's 'incompatibility' which Evernote might not be able to fix. 

Duet are new but they seem pretty approachable - I'd suggest you contact them to see whether something in their software could be causing this.

Meantime you've made the suggestion - I'm sure the developers will take a look at this...

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