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update changed the way notes in parent tags are shown- please help

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Now when I open a Tag with subtags in it, the notes are all shown, mixed.

I just want to see the parent tag notes, not all of them



How do I proceed to navigate through the notes the old way?

(please: I wouldnt like the need to check out all the boxes of subtags in the upper menu everytime I look for a note at the parent note)




obs: if I wasnt that clear, there`s an example:


Tag: Journal (with 2 notes)

         - subtag 1: work journaling, with 4 notes;

          - subtag 2: trip journaling, with 6 different notes;

          - subtag 3: family journaling with 3 different notes.

When I open the Journal tag,  I just want to see the first 2 notes.

But now when I open it, all the 15 notes are shown.

How can I configure to see it the old way?





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