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Feature request - nested tables



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I don't think the developers work to a timescale of 'desperately' - it's a reasonable suggestion,  and I'll vote for this in terms of better table features;  but if you need this desperately you should find that using a word processor to set up the tables you want (with whatever colours and borders) and copy/ pasting into Evernote will work just fine.  It's also possible to set up the same as a template and generate a new copy of the same table over and over...

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Onenote is supporting this, and my current flow is that I write nested table in OneNote and copy paste it to Evernote,

Still, I would really like to keep the complete flow in Evernote instead of changing programs and windows. Because each time I copy paste I loose some of formating. :-(

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1 hour ago, Zlaja said:

Because each time I copy paste I loose some of formating. :-

 Also  have the same problem, copy/pasting causes format changes

Following up on @gazumped’s suggestion, use a word processor app if you need nested tables, or any other features not offered by the Evernote editorbformat.  I would save the document as an attachment to the note.  Evernote works well with office/iwork files

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