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Note history for Android app



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You can access note history from the web client, if you have access to a desktop (doesn't work on the browsers of mobile devices, I believe).

It'd be good to have the Android client have that ability as well, so +1

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You can do this on your Android device. Go to evernote.com. Click through any update offers, until you get to a page that says that you can't access the Evernote web client on a mobile browser. Click on the dropdown menu at the top right, and enable the "Desktop site" checkbox. This should cause the web client to open, and from there you can do the usual thing: select a note, click on the Info button, and select "View History"

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@DTLow, the so-called user @seranrakan1995 may be a bot. At any rate, it mainly seems to (a) quote an earlier post, but with underlining and links to various Websites embedded in the quote; then (b) make an apparent reply, often copied from another earlier post. It's cleverly done, but I'm 99% sure it's fake. At any rate, I wouldn't click on those links if you paid me. I've reported the posts.

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