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Screen overlay detected on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact , Android 6.0+.1

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I have a problem with editing excel sheets as i could not edit or save the sheets.

I tried to reinstall Evernote, but now it ask for permissions for everything, but i cannot give any permission as when i try to give permission, it tells me that Screen overlay detected, and turn that of first. As i cannot turn Screen overlay detected off, i can do nothing.

So now Evernote is quite useless as i cannot access data attached data in Evernote, take pictures from Evernote etc.

kind regards

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Hi.  This sounds like a Sony-centric problem - can I suggest you ask Sony (or your network/ phone provider) support what the 'screen overlay' error means?  That's not an Evernote issue.  I'd also suggest that you carefully sync,  then uninstall / restart / reinstall Evernote on that device to see whether that help...

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It is not only a Sony problem, search the internet now and you will see that it is a new Android feature on many phones and until it is handled between app-developers and android developers we will have huge problems.

I have already reinstalled the Evernote app, but it only turned out worse - now i have even less rights in Evernote as the error prevent me from granting the rights.

kind regards

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OK but my advice would still be to uninstall / reinstall first*,  then contact support - we're a user forum and if this is an Android issue,  support need to be aware of it to investigate and fix it.  Basic users should still be able to submit bug reports,  paying subscribers can get some one to one feedback.

* Support will probably ask you to do that anyway...

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Usually, this is caused by the use of a floating app or an app which tend to change background color or something.

For Most Android Phone users:

  • Open the Settings
  • Then Applications > Application manager
  • Press on More > Apps that can appear on top

If you find an app with a bubble, display screen overlay. If an app adjusts your phone’s brightness, disable screen overlay option on those apps as well. Point is, you have to figure out the culprit app and disable screen overlay.

Source: How to fix screen overlay detected error on android

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