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Search function Suuprt Special Symbol

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Hi.  Evernote is all about search - much more detail starting here:  Find what you need 

The app will not index characters that are not letters, numbers or underlines and doesn't find them (as you discovered) when you search.  There are some useful examples of what will work,  and how to search in the Search Grammar page.

Unfortunately some characters are just not searchable.

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AFAIK, underscore _ is the only special character that is searchable within EN.  Use case example, I use it to find bills I have paid, _paid differentiates from paid.  FWIW.

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Thanks for answer, I got it.


(English is not my first language)

But I wonder why don't contain all characters in search,

I know a little that in javascript there's "RegularExpression" or "RegExp" way to search, though I don't really know it, but the special character seems not a problem by search this way,


or on Windows,  I guess evernote is wriiten by C#,

in C#, I come up with a rough way to search, you can just use


            string fileContentToString = File.ReadAllText(The_SpecificNoteFilePath_InComputer);


            int totalSearchResultCount = 0;
            int position = 0;
                position = fileContentToString.IndexOf("WORD_TO_SEARCH", position);

                if (position != -1)


to get how many result in the note and even their position, and this method works for all characters.


I hope if in programming there's no problem to do this, evernote can make all character can be searched,

But maybe the real condition is more complex than this, and there's some diffuculty in programming technique so evernote just allow general character, just guess



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I believe that the reason for not including special characters in search is to make text indexing faster. I'd have to dig to find quotes from developers on this one, though. Remember that the search language needs to support all Evernote clients, including the web.

I'd use regular expressions occasionally if they were available, and I think that a search on quoted strings like yours (e.g. "A&B") would be helpful, too.

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