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Tags — automatically assigning tag(s) to a new note. Possible?


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6 hours ago, Traveller1 said:

I have decided to assign a year tag to new notes e.g 2016. Is it possible to setup en so that this tag is automatically assigned to new notes? I have taken a look at preferences, but nothing I could see.

Evernote does not have a "default tag"

As a workaround, you could apply the tag afterwards to a group of notes
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.31.45 AM.pnghere's an example from my Mac



Not sure the point of assigning tag 2016
New notes are automatically assigned creation date, for example  20160801
- You can search on this field,  
   for example     search     created:20160101 -created:20170101
- You can add this search to your shortcuts and call it     2016
see  Evernote Search Grammar   for further details on search terms

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56 minutes ago, Lexbrkly said:

Check out IFTTT. It's free and does what you want. Just create a recipe 'if note is created' then 'insert date'.

in ifttt, I see the "if note is created" part, but I don't see the "insert date" action

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Sorry for the late reply. I think IFTTT has changed.

There is an ingredient "{{check time}}". That does the trick, however, you'll get something like "November 18, 2016 at 12:51 AM". There is also "created date"

You could simply use "2016" in the "Tag" field. You'd have to change that in 2017 though. 



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