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MAPS feature here again (?)



(sorry for my English)

After my 2013's post

I believe map feature is (almost) back; how? Add your search query to the shortcuts list: when selecting the "3 dots menu" (I don't know its real name) the (map | location) item mysteriously appears. Not very handy, but at least a step forward.



p.s. -  I have EN for Android ver. 7.9.4: anybody with older versions could have a check about it?


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11 minutes ago, Gangun said:

Ok, that's it.

7.9.5: another untold big new feature?

The location can be automatically added on note creation.

But it cannot be changed or created when editing a note.

By the way, EN Desktop allow location editing. EN Web and EN Android do not.

I've to say EN' path isn't my path.



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